In our post-pandemic, dynamic and accelerating and ever changing world, we either grow or diminish. Our pains and problems can either stimulate us further or hold us back. The difference lies in how we choose to face them. I’ve worked with hundreds of men to achieve the results that matter to them.

My coaching provides the clarity, accountability, challenge, and support necessary to turn problems and pains into growth, opportunity, and transformation. A coach can guide you when necessary. Can help you get clear where you find yourself confused. Can point out your blind spots. Can challenge you and call you out on your bullshit in a way in which you can hear it and respond appropriately.

We all have hang ups, blindspots, and false narratives. All of us. How do you intend to handle them? Can you turn and face your dragons and turn them into allies? While tough to do on your own, there is no shame in enlisting the support of a third party, a coach. A coach accelerates and catalyzes the process. And we find that growing in one area of life leads to growth in all areas of life.

I believe when one of us grows, we all grow. The path toward a better future, a better world, is served one person at a time. I believe that technology and personal development drive progress, not politics. I serve entrepreneurs, small business owners, and STEM professionals to make themselves, and thus the world, a better place.

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Men that have worked with me have accelerated their career, their business, and their relationships when they found themselves at a plateau, a crisis, or a conflict. My clients rediscover clarity, direction, and purpose at a time when they feel lost, stuck, and confused.


Coaching for Entrepreneurs

With entrepreneurial coaching, you develop clarity about what makes you and your business unique – your vision, your values, your purpose, and who you best serve. And by gaining clarity around the client you serve best, you can develop and implement the plan, strategy and tactics to bring your business back into alignment with your best customers in the spirit of service and relationships.

Relationship Coaching for Men

I have over a decade of experience as a relationship therapist, with relational training in a variety of methods such as PACT, EFT, Hakomi, and Gestalt. I’ve been married for over 25 years now and put the practice in my preaching on a daily basis. I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of a well developed, mature relationship in my own marriage and in that of dozens of my clients.

Hero’s Journey for Men

A call lurks in all of us. Maybe it presents itself through a midlife crisis. Or a health crisis. Or a spiritual emergency – a dark night of the soul. Crisis often emerges from the unanswered call. A call to adventure that goes unanswered leads to a situation that forces our hand. We can no longer comfortably avoid destiny.

Coaching for STEM Professionals

As a degreed engineer with over a decade of experience in the high tech and energy sectors, I have been in the trenches and the front line of management in the corporate world. I understand what it’s like, and I know what it takes to get things done. I also know what it takes to break out of the corporate world and move into freelance work and consulting.