Men’s Groups

Imagine the evening hours of a camping trip.  A group of men gathered around a fire.   The conversation shifts into the more meaningful things in life. We share our stories, struggles, and successes.  Bonds are formed.  Connections deepen.   Perhaps you have been there and know what I mean.   A men’s group is similar – just in a different setting without the fire.

We gather every week for 8 weeks.  Together we share our stories while receiving feedback from other men.   In an intentional space, we build connection with one another as we discuss what matters in our lives…  And we have a lot of fun through the process.  These groups help men develop their potential to live more fully in relationship with others.

“Three years ago my life was changing – My relationship with my wife, my best friend, was coming to an end after 24 years. We sold our home, my youngest was finished with High School and going off to college, and I chose to change careers, in my mid 40’s. I had been looking for something or someone to talk with, listen to and confide in. I felt lost and afraid, but still willing to try and hope. And even still being apprehensive, I joined Mike’s Men’s group for 8 weeks.  What I found were gentlemen with similar insecurities, hopes, dreams, and fears. I also found a counselor brave enough to lead, steer, and share with us how to make it past our mistakes and discoveries; confidants…I came through more relaxed and poised to keep moving and realizing men are men, and we need to lean too sometimes. I would certainly return and have recommended to others. What a great experience and eye opener. Thanks Mike”  – E.G., Denver, Colorado

“I enjoyed the group setting.  I found it a comfortable place to share with other men without judgement.  It was good to know that some guys have similar issues, or to find out that others are going through something much more difficult.  Mike has a laid back style that allows for uninterrupted sharing of feelings, or a discussion between the group, but knows when to interject to keep it respectful and meaningful.”   – E.S.,  Arvada

This group is for any man who wants to improve the quality of his relationships with both men and women. Through this process a man will:

  • develop community with other men
  • receive the support and feedback necessary to expand and grow
  • learn communication and conflict resolution skills
  • get clear about what really matters to him
  • find what truly feeds and nourishes him
  • manage emotions more effectively
  • discover hidden strengths

Groups run for 8 weeks each are held several times a year, typically on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm.     The group is limited to 8 men.   Contact Mike for more information on rates and registration, or to set up a no-cost consultation to see of this group is right for you.