Whatever life throws at you, I believe Mike has the wisdom, patience, experience, fierceness, and profound caring to be right next to you. Mike has the special ability to challenge and support at the same time. If you are serious about real growth in your personal or professional life, I have full confidence Mike will be your ally to a new way of experiencing life.

I’ve known Mike for a number of years, not as a coach, but as a friend and fellow traveler on the life journey of finding, owning and becoming our best selves.  Mike has a knack for knowing when I’ve just needed a listening ear or a gentle prod or a powerful confrontational friend.  More importantly to me, however, is that Mike continues his own journey, constantly looking for and being aware of his own blocks and doing what it takes to get out of his own way so he can be there to help others.

Mike is a true gift in my life.  From the moment I met him, where he led an 8-week intensive men’s group, I could see his strong leadership. Mike leads through service.  He is attentive, incredibly intuitive, and deeply empathetic.  Mike knows when to listen and hold space, and when it’s time to take action and push.

As a coach, I’ve come to Mike with “messes” and he always seems to find the clearest questions to ask and threads to pull.  After just an hour with Mike, I’ve made big changes and bold moves that I’d been wrestling over for weeks, sometimes months.    And Mike knows how to challenge someone while giving them the space to make their own decisions.

I wholeheartedly trust Mike. I trust him with the most important parts of my life.  May you also experience Mike as I have.

Mike is one of the most authentic, down to earth people I have ever known. Couple that with his amazing intuitive abilities and that makes him one of the most skilled coaches I have ever had the joy of working with. My time with Mike has helped facilitate some of my most ground-breaking emotional work not only in my personal life, but my professional life as well.

The first time Mike and I spoke it was like remembering an old friend.  I knew we had never met before but I still felt so familiar that it was comfortable to be vulnerable.  Mike is a straight shooter.  With Mike the Truth is always in the room, and that is what I love about him.  He gets this look in his eye and I know there is a deep question coming or a story or something where he calls me out on my shit!  Which is what I love.  Mike is always there and reminding me of the good and the bad (and sometimes the ugly).  I always look forward to when we connect – no matter what kind of day I’m having, it is always better after Mike.

Michael has amazing insight. His ability to see right through to the core of issues makes his work stand out. He is able to create insight and change by seeing the heart of the issue intuitively. It’s no wonder his clients love him so, the results and relationships he build speak volumes.

In a world filled with advertising and people put a face-on or a mask, Mike is a breath of fresh air.  There is no pretending or having to be someone you’re not.  You know where you stand with Mike.  He calls like he sees it and he isn’t afraid to let you know, and that kind of vulnerable sharing is rare.

The men’s group that Mike hosts builds on his skills in the one-on-one counseling arena and takes it to the next level. His guidance puts the group into the tough questions that men face in today’s world, and gets it to a place of power. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and take on the most confronting issues around men today.

The men’s group that Mike hosts builds on his skills from the one-on-one coaching and takes it to the next level. His guidance puts the group into the tough questions that men face in today’s world, and gets it to a place of power. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and take on the most confronting issues around men today.

Mike Gathers is a man that brings his full effort to his own personal expansion and to the growth of the people in his life. I got to see this first hand for four days at a men’s retreat. Mike verbally dedicated himself to going deeper into his life than any man at the retreat and succeeded. His openness was contagious and helped me realize the strength of a father figure. I’m grateful to have shared stories, presence, and love with this man.

I have had the great pleasure of sitting in a men’s group with Mike for the past several years.  I am consistently impressed with his insight, facilitation skills, and desire to help other men do challenging and meaningful work.  He brings a beautiful mixture of truth, loving kindness, and a deep intuitiveness that has directly helped me tackle some very deep work.  I feel incredibly lucky to have Mike as a resource in our group and would recommend him without hesitation.

I enjoyed the setting of Mike’s men’s group.  I found it a comfortable place to share with other men without judgement.  It was good to know that some guys have similar issues, or to find out that others are going through something much more difficult.  Mike has a laid back style that allows for uninterrupted sharing of feelings, or a discussion between the group, but knows when to interject to keep it respectful and meaningful.

Three years ago my life was changing – My relationship with my wife, my best friend, was coming to an end after 24 years. We sold our home, my youngest was finished with High School and going off to college, and I chose to change careers, in my mid 40’s. I had been looking for something or someone to talk with, listen to and confide in. I felt lost and afraid, but still willing to try and hope. And even still being apprehensive, I joined Mike’s Men’s group for 8 weeks.  What I found were gentlemen with similar insecurities, hopes, dreams, and fears. I also found a coach brave enough to lead, steer, and share with us how to make it past our mistakes and discoveries; confidants…I came through more relaxed and poised to keep moving and realizing men are men, and we need to lean too sometimes. I would certainly return and have recommended to others. What a great experience and eye opener. Thanks Mike

Mike has been a great mentor and guide in my personal and professional life. I would recommend him any day.