About Mike

As an engineering career coach, I specialize in working with engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit.   I earned a chemical engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines and worked as an engineer, project manager, and front line supervisor in the high tech and energy industries before pivoting into working as a relational psychotherapist in private practice.   Now I work with as a professional and personal coach for engineers to create the impact, career and lifestyle they wanted when set out on this journey.

I see too many bright, creative, driven engineers who set out to make a really difference in the world, but struggle to put it all together.  Often these engineers have moved into entrepreneurship as a consultant or small business owner, but they are simply taking whatever work they can get and often just going through the motions.   They know they are capable of more, but lack clarity and discipline required to make that happen. Or they have been long felt the call to entrepreneurship but have resisted. They realize they can’t avoid the call any longer and are ready to make a pivot, but are unsure how to proceed.  Others still work in a more structured corporate environment but struggle with effective communication, project implementation, and leadership. All of them know they are capable of making a bigger impact, but they struggle to put the pieces together. They feel stuck. Hopeless. Impotent.   The stifling of purpose permeates their whole life, leading to problems in personal life, family and relationships. Their whole way of being in the world feels compromised.

By thinking big, but taking small steps, you can begin to counter inertia, overcome resistance, and build momentum.  With a skilled engineering career coach in your corner, you will receive the support, challenge, and accountability needed to create the career, and the lifestyle you want.  Book learning ceases being useful at graduation. The way forward requires action. Let me support you in that.

I pivoted into a career of service over a decade ago because I wanted to make a difference in the world, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t convince myself that what I was doing made a difference at that time    I believe that technology drives progress and leads to futures with possibilities of hope, optimism and prosperity, but that successful technology implementation requires more than just book smarts. It’s my mission to help brilliant, creative engineers make an impact on this world for a more prosperous tomorrow.

The cost of ineffectiveness and inaction is too high and the rewards too great for me to ignore this need.  This is why I coach engineers to use their problem solving skills to create a career, and a lifestyle, that will have the greatest impact on themselves, their families, and perhaps most importantly, the world at large.  Through one on one coaching as well as group coaching, I will support you to overcome inertia and move through resistance in order to create the future you used to dream of.

Get clear on your mission and purpose. Drop the stories that hold you back from following your dreams. Focus you energy. Set the intention and take action.

Let me support you while you step out of your comfort zone and into something bigger.

I work closely with a small number of committed clients who have a lot going for them, but know deep down that they are capable of something bigger. If you are ready to move beyond your current plateau, complete the coaching questionnaire and I will be in touch.