Coaching for STEM Professionals

As a degreed engineer with over a decade of experience in the high tech and energy sectors, I have been in the trenches and the front line of management in the corporate world. I understand what it’s like, and I know what it takes to get things done. I also know what it takes to break out of the corporate world and move into freelance work and consulting.

I have seen too many engineers and STEM professionals struggle with office politics and “soft skills.” They find challenges in executing projects, securing promotions, moving into management, or breaking free of the corporate grind and moving into the freelance and entrepreneurial endeavors they have often dreamed of. They often see themselves as ineffective and find it unsatisfying. This lack of career satisfaction tends to bleed into other areas of life – friendship, family, close relationships, and so on.

Break Free

I coach engineers and STEM professionals on the skills that they need to break out of stagnation and career ruts. Communication skills. Relational intelligence. Social emotional intelligence. Office politics and “industrial psychology”. Leadership and management. Calculated risk taking. My clients develop the skills they need to get things done and achieve their career goals leading to career success and personal satisfaction across the board. Financially. Socially. Relationally.

I believe science and technology drive a great deal of our progress on the planet. But smarts alone are not enough. It takes “soft skills” and a different kind of intelligence to get things done effectively. It’s my vision that with the right guidance, challenge, and support, STEM professionals become more creative, more inspired, and make a bigger impact on the world we live in.

I work one-on-one coaching STEM professionals in soft skills, corporate psychology, and how to move into freelance consulting. CLICK HERE to complete my coaching questionnaire and set up a one-on-one call to explore the possibilities of working together.

My clients have gone on to work on the projects that matter to them, to climb the technical and managerial ladders of their company, or start the freelance career or small business they often dreamed of. A successful, satisfying career is possible. Sometimes we just need a little guidance.