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Do You Feel Like You’re Not Living Up To Your Full Potential?

 Are you a small business owner or consultant but find yourself struggling to create the success that you had originally envisioned?

Maybe it feels like you’re going through the motions, taking whatever business you can get, with little thought to whether it’s the kind of work you want. As your caseload stacks with routine projects, you may be haunted by the fact you’re not fully using your talents, that you could be accomplishing so much more.

If you’re surviving but not thriving, there may be an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction that affects everything from your productivity, to your ability to manage your team, to your close relationships, to your wellbeing and whole way of life.

At this point, you know that you need to shift course and take action, but you may not feel fully equipped to make big decisions or strides forward. You may be looking for someone to both challenge and support (hold you accountable, challenge you to take action…) the bigger, bolder version of yourself so you can step out of this rut and into a groove.

Many Engineers Struggle Out On Their Own

Chances are if you’re an engineer who left the corporate sector to start a small business or consulting firm, you did it for the freedom to pursue your own ideas. Now you’re likely realizing that a lot of work and commitment goes into building something from the ground up, and you may be feeling defeated and drained.

Professionals often venture out on their own with the Noah’s ark mentality: if you build a ship, they will come. But once the rain started falling, you may have noticed that things don’t biblically come together. Achieving that magic—the life you want—requires a great deal of hard work and dedication.

As an engineer, you’re likely a left-brained type, meaning you may be incredibly good at problem solving, but lack the people skills necessary for promoting a business, managing employee relationships, leading your team, implementing meaningful changes, and creating the clientele you want. These elements may not be in your vocabulary, but they can be learned.

By working with a career coach with an engineering degree, 12 years of industry experience, and a decade of entrepreneur experience, you can learn the skills needed to run a successful business. You can move from surviving to thriving.

Small Business Consulting Can Help Connect You To Your Greater Purpose

 When you work with a career coach who understands the landscape, it’s possible to clarify and pursue your mission and purpose, overcome what’s holding you back and focus your energy on what’s truly important.

Together, we can toss around ideas, get really clear about what your bigger vision is and create small, achievable goals. From there, you can immediately begin taking action and create something more than just a day job. You can fulfill your dreams. That means improving not only your work life, but your love life and play, too.

Before you set off on a brand new course, we need to identify the course you’re on now, where it’s bumpy and where it’s smooth. If you’ve been stuck in the gray about how to move toward a satisfied work life, I can help steer you in the right direction and provide guidance through the more difficult spots. Maybe you’re struggling with communication skills, management issues, navigating risk, defeatist beliefs or something else. Whatever it is, you can expect to clarify what’s holding you back, as well as identify your strengths and aspects of your work that you enjoy. Then, you can plan actionable steps forward.

Throughout the entire coaching process, we work with a very realistic mindset, meaning we set goals that are achievable. Part of our work together deals with immediate action—what you can do to improve your circumstances in the here and now. Part of it is big picture work—where you see yourself 5-10 years from now. And everything we do in small business coaching is tailored to your strengths and overall vision. You can expect to walk away knowing where your talents lie and what motivates you to perform at your best.

Accountability is a crucial part of this work. If you’re willing to engage in the coaching process and take action in your life, the results can be astounding. I’ve been doing this work for over a decade, and I am completely committed to coaching engineers. I’ve helped countless people engage their entrepreneur ideas and run satisfying, profitable small businesses. With challenge, accountability and action, the possibilities are limitless.

You may still have questions or concerns about small business consulting…

 Do I really need a coach? I feel like, with time, things are bound to work themselves out.

 How much longer are you willing to hold back and continue to be unsatisfied? Why wait? Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to identify what’s making this so hard and learn what it takes to achieve your goals? With the right guidance, support and challenge, you can connect to the greater good that pulled you into private practice in the first place.

I thought that going out on my own would make me happy, but I’m still unhappy.

 There are a lot of unexpected challenges that accompany engineering business management and turning your entrepreneur ideas into a profitable small business. It also takes a lot of courage to go out on your own and make things happen. By capitalizing on that nerve and grit, you can make your happiness happen, too. I can help you summon the strength to move forward.

I’m overwhelmed with all my responsibilities. I’m not sure how to take action.

 As a small business owner, you likely have a lot of stress in your life. You’re managing employees, marketing the business and a lot more. So, getting from point A to B is often not as simple as it seems. Similarly, as a consultant, you’re under the stress of gaining and retaining clients.

The good news that it’s possible to shine a light on areas that are driving your feelings of overwhelm. It’s possible to rearrange your priorities so that your greater focus is on elements of your work that drive your passion.

Go From Surviving To Thriving

 If you are ready to move beyond your current plateau, complete the questionnaire, and I will be in touch. I work with clients in person here in Golden, Colorado and all over the country online.